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The grapes are harvested by hand, taking care to leave the purinose intact, as it contains a significant amount of autochthonous yeasts. The crop is placed in containers weighing no more than 18 kg to ensure that the grape does not split under its own weight and become infected with undesirable bacteria, thus avoiding the need to aggressive treatments at the pressing stage and allowing a true light press wine to be created in the tanks.
The perfect time for the grape harvest is decided based on a number of visits made to the vines in the later stages, to inspect and touch the grapes, determining the level of ripeness by observing the balance between sugars, antocyanines and polyphenols, analysing total volatile acidity, pH and free nitrogen.
Maturing takes place in French and American oak barrels for no less than 24 months. Some wines are matured for as long as 60 months.

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